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Youth Leadership Lab

The Middle Project Freedom School is a two weekend event inviting a cohort of teenagers to raise awareness around racism in American, racial identity, and an ethic of love in an emerging generation of leaders and activists.

The content will focus on leadership and dismantling racism with an emphasis on practical skills like appreciating the otherness of the other, addressing bullying and xenophobia, and leadership skills around conflict management and peacemaking. The content will work towards creating a series of short YouTube videos to launch a Middle Project Freedom School YouTube channel.

The race and leadership content will be facilitated by Jacqui Lewis, the Executive Director of the Middle Project, and John Janka, the Director of Programming. The video content and process will be facilitated by Jim Kast-Keat, a connoisseur of YouTube videos, a leading innovator in emerging communication platforms, and the creator of online platforms like Thirty Seconds or Less.

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For more information contact Jim Kast-Keat at jimkastkeat@middlechurch.org.