The Middle Project

The Middle Project

Village Chorus for Children & Youth

The Village Chorus for Children and Youth teaches children to sing in an ensemble in which they learn to love themselves and the world around them. 

Lessons on the ethics of love and vocal coaching give voice to the “change agent” at work in every child. We seek to open minds, increase empathy, and teach leadership tools so that children and youth can be critical thinkers about the world, and the part they can play to actively love the planet and people and participate in the creation of peace.

The Middle Project is an institute that brings together youth, young adults, and adults from many fields and faith traditions. We teach leadership skills through the arts, conferences, and intensives. The creativity, leadership, and community building children experience through rehearsals and performances builds confidence and appreciation for the arts and music. Some performances are at social justice events so they also build an awareness of how artists engage in our community and world.

If your children are interested in a repertoire of tunes from Broadway to Beethoven, rehearsals are Sundays from 1 to 2:30 pm at 50 East 7th Street, September through June (check the Middle Church calendar for listings). There is no cost to participate but children should have a love for music, a strong desire to learn, and the ability to read. Contact Chorus Director, John Del Cueto, for more information.