50 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10003


Saturday, April 30 – Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Noon–1:00        Registration

1:15–3:00          Welcome, housekeeping, prayer, overview of the Conference; Open space-team building; Forming teams and 30 minutes of sharing learning goals.

3:00–3:15          Break

3:15–4:30          Plenary The Role of Religious Leaders in ‘Storying’ Economic Justice Jacqui Lewis

4:30–5:45          Plenary A Liberation Perspective on Global Economic Justice: Learning from the Margins — Ivan Petrella

5:45–6:30          Process in Groups: Implications and Applications

Evening Free


8:30–9:00          Continental Breakfast

9:00–10:30        Plenary American Empire, Militarism and Economic Justice — Gary Dorrien

10:30–11:00      Group Process

11:00                  Move to Sanctuary for Worship

11:15–12:30      Worship Celebration: James Forbes, Preaching

12:45–2:30        Brunch and Interfaith Panel: Worship and Constructing Ethics —  Rabbi Burt Siegal, The Shul of New York; Katharine Henderson, President of Auburn Seminary; Michael Livingston, Director of the Poverty Initiative, National Council of Churches; John Janka, Independent Consultant; Jacqui Lewis, Senior Minister of Middle Collegiate Church and Executive Director, The Middle Project

2:30–2:45          Break

2:45–3:45          Plenary Creating a Culture of Critical Consumption — Tricia Sheffield

3:45–4:00          Break

4:00–5:00          Plenary Spirituality, Theology and Money — Chad Tanaka Pack

5:00–5:15          Break

5:15–6:30          Group Process: Wine and Cheese Salon

Evening Free


8:30–9:00          Continental Breakfast and Centering Time

9:00–10:30        Plenary The Middle Class Squeeze: A Disappearing Reality Dalton Conley

10:30–10:45      Break

10:45–12:15      Plenary Race, Immigration and Economic Justice: Why the Rage? Miguel De La Torre

12:15–1:45        Lunch

1:45–3:15          Plenary Tools for Congregational Engagement — John Janka

3:15–4:15          Group Process

4:15–5:30          Groups Report Back

5:30–7:00          Dinner

7:00                     Film Capitalism: A Love Story



8:30–9:00          Continental Breakfast and Centering Time

9:00-10:30         Plenary and Group Process Building a Movement for Economic Justice — Roger Toussaint

10:30–11:45      Back Home: What will you covenant to do?

11:45–12:30      Closure and Sending Forth

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Registration is closed.