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Revolutionary Love: Tools, Tactics, and Truth-telling to Dismantle Racism

What Does Revolutionary Love Look Like?

As part of Revolutionary Love: Tools, Tactics, and Truth-telling to Dismantle Racism (April 15-17 2016), Chris Crass, Valarie Kaur, and Micky ScottBey Jones presented What Does Revolutionary Love Look Like? Watch each speaker below:

“We need to liberate our minds as people of color from internalized inferiority and as white people from the internalized idea of superiority.” – Chris Crass


“When I held my son, I saw for the first time all the ways that my mother had poured her body into me … All this time I thought I wasn’t supposed to be like you, until my son was born, and I realized that you were teaching me the kind of love that our world needs, the kind of love so deep that you would give your life for it, the kind of love so unconditional that it is an endless wellspring of care. It is an awakening, a quieting of the ego, it is endless, and it makes you brave.” – Valarie Kaur


“We must choose love as a core principle because it is love that has the power to cast out fear.” – Micky ScottBey Jones


The RACE problem? We’re not finished!

Over 300 of you created a learning agenda at Middle Church earlier this year, bringing wisdom and a thirst for love and justice that was awe-inspiring.The intervening months have been filled with so much violence and an escalation of hate-filled discourse. Our nation continues to be in a crisis, a state of dis-ease.

Let’s come together. To strategize. To build on our foundation. To dismantle racism. Our 2017 Leading Edge conference Revolutionary Love: Tools, Tactics, and Truth-telling to Dismantle Racism will be held at Middle Church April 28-30, 2017.

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