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The Leading Edge 2015

Friday, April 24 – Sunday, April 26 in New York City

During President Obama’s Selma speech, he reminded our country that “America is not yet finished . . . [and] it is in our power to remake this nation to more closely align with our highest ideals.” Racial tensions in these United States ignite our passion for reconciliation and racial justice. This year, Middle Church and The Middle Project will offer our ninth conference for leaders working to grow a multiracial, antiracist society.

We need moral courage and leaders—preachers and teachers; activists and artists; entertainers and entrepreneurs—to undertake and encourage conversations about race. Race and the school to prison pipeline. Race and police reform. Race and economic equality. Race and voting rights. Race and immigration. Race and mass incarceration. If we are to heal our nation, we will need to have dialogues that lead to reconciliation and a peaceful revolution that creates the world we want.

Come make strategies for change with presenters like James A. Forbes, Jr. of the Drum Major Institute; Taquiena Boston of the Unitarian Universalist Association; Macky Alston of Auburn Media; Peter Heltzel of the Micah Institute; Michael-Ray Mathews of PICO; Miguel De La Torre of Iliff School of Theology; Obery Hendricks of New York Theological Seminary; Robert Hardies of All Souls Church Unitarian in Washington, D.C.; Irshad Manji of Moral Courage Project; Jennifer Bailey of Faith Matters Network; Linda Sarsour of Take on Hate; Anurag Gupta of Be More; Onleilove Alston of Faith in New York; Katharine Henderson and John Vaughn of Auburn Seminary; Father Michael Lapsley of Instiute for Healing of Memories; and Jacqui Lewis and the Middle Church team.

The questions before us are compelling.

  • How do we articulate a practical theology that leads to an antiracist society?
  • How do we address both personal and systemic racism, and how do we heal from its scars?
  • What tactics do we need to create and sustain an interracial, interdisciplinary, interreligious movement for shalom?

The Middle Project invites you to its ninth annual conference, The Leading Edge: Race, Reconciliation, and Courage—Creating the World We Want. Join a community of social architects committed to heal our nation of racism and to create a more just society.

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