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Shanta Thake

Shanta_ThakeI am the Director of Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater. Joe’s Pub is a multi-disciplinary non-profit performance venue located in the East Village of Manhattan.  Our mission is to reflect the community that surrounds us both on stage and in the audience through our programming.  We do this in many different ways, but primarily by recognizing the diversity of New York City and finding a way to capture that on our stages.   Working with community organizations, partner non-profits and international consulates on a regular basis also adds to the diversity of our audiences.  Faith based ethics have come into play often in programming choices and how we interact with our neighbors, artists and friends.  In example, prior to the 2008 elections I started the “We the People” series which occurred on the first Tuesday of every month and focused on First Amendment freedoms, inviting artists from many different walks of life that were known for speaking their minds loudly and proudly to perform.  We are continually looking at the issues that are affecting our artists and audiences and finding ways to address those through how and what we present.   In addition to my role at Joe’s Pub I was the co-producer of Weimar New York which showcased many downtown performance artists with their individual protests against the injustices of the Bush Administration.

Currently the social justice issues that I am moved by are the fight for equal rights for my LGBTQ brothers and sisters and the healthcare divide in this country.

Shanta Thake
Director, Joe’s Pub

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