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Charreah Jackson

Charreah_JacksonFaith, hope, love. These three. But, the greatest of these is love. And Charreah Jackson is doing her part to breathe life into the biblical declaration in today’s society. A writer and editor, she was most recently the Associate Editor at ESSENCE.com, where she researched and reported on practices for healthy and happy relationships. She recognizes strong couples are the cornerstone to strong families, the true remedy to society’s ailments. A proud feminist, Charreah was a 2007 scholarship winner for the Journalism and Women Symposium and a speaker at the 2009 Women + Power Conference. She completed her honors thesis at Howard University on today’s Black college women and their feelings on marriage.  Currently, Charreah lives in Harlem and serves on the Publications Ministry at her church, First Corinthian Baptist Church.

Issues that touch her heart: Inequality in every sector of life, women’s rights, relationships between men and women.


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