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About Us

5E6A1904Rooted in Faith. 
Committed to Serve.
Inspired to Lead.

So you want to change the world, and you’ve discovered it’s more difficult than you thought. At the Middle Project, we first start with ourselves. We begin with tools for greater self-awareness. We utilize experiential learning to help participants:

  • Engage in Spiritual Practices
  • Lead with Vision for a Just Society
  • Negotiate Difference and Conflict
  • Understand the Dynamics of Change
  • Understand Leadership Styles and Building a Team
  • Exert Ethical Leadership in the Public Square
  • Understand Race, Culture, and the Dynamics of Power and Privilege

The Middle Project prepares ethical leaders for a more just society. It is an institute that brings together youth, young adults and adults from many fields and faith traditions.

The Middle Project unites progressive leaders who are ready for a revolutionary and prophetic way of using power and resources to act locally and think globally to heal the human family. The Middle Project takes its strength and approach from the progressive faith traditions that have played a major role in America’s greatest democratic achievements: the abolition of slavery, civil rights, universal suffrage, and the anti-war movement.